Many people may remember “Zamunda” as the name of the fictional, African country in the Eddie Murphy comedy “Coming to America.”  However, the name “Zamunda,” is going through a rebirth of sorts with the current success being enjoyed by upcoming reggae superstar, Zamunda.  Zamunda, born Christopher Gayle, was born in Seville Heights, St. Ann, on July 30, 1985.  It was apparent Zamunda was destined for musical heights, as he wrote his first song at the age of seven, called “There is Only Love.”  By the age of 16, music had begun to dominate all of Zamunda’s career choices. “Music has been a part of my life from birth as I have been deejaying from the age of five in my community and other places in Jamaica. I realized that I could sing at the age of 19 and I then decided that I would sing rather than deejay. Music is really what I want and love,” he explained. “I enjoy entertaining people from all over. I want to take reggae to the world,” he said.

Zamunda’s extremely powerful and uniquely soulful lyrical stylings has been winning over a new generation of reggae fans ever since, with such hits as, “Jah Love Surrounds Me”, “One People”, “Still a pray fi dem”, “Working 9 – 5 “, “Science dem a work”, “Talk and Stutter” and “Cyaan Program Me” Produced by Courtney “Mac” Mcintosh. “Just as how I am thankful for life it is just as how I am thankful for the talent of singing.”

Zamunda finished up 2010 on top and stormed into 2011 on the momentum of his smash hit (with Reggae Star I Octane), “Badda Than Dem,” which has obtain several #1 ranking since it’s release. He also has appeared on various stage shows such as Island Explosion, Full Clip, Sting and Tivoli Jamboree, and Reggae Sumfest just to name a few “Ah just Jah works, I will continue to do the music and feed the souls and minds of the people” Jah’s love continues to surround him…

In 2012, Zamunda transformed his musical career and decided that he would now become the sole proprietor of his brand.

After rebuilding his brand & starting his own Recording Label “Sweet Waters Spawn Music,” Zamunda then began recording for Ochi-based Producer, Tevino Richards and a few others.

Releasing a slew of songs such as: Missing You

, Come to Me, Real Love, One Big Road, and Roots Reggae; he effortlessly shared his colorful experiences with the listeners in a way that was easily understood, felt, and enjoyed internationally.

In 2016, he elevated to greater heights with “Two Grand” off the Chronicles of Success Riddim Produced by YGF RECORDS (Tevino), followed by a Collaboration with Vershon “Too Old To Die Young” and yet another grand slam, “Laws of Attraction”.

The singer / songwriter who has been dubbed, “The Future” by his reggae peers has recently penned and performed songs that have created a significantly growing buzz amongst reggae fans.

Zamunda has completed his first studio album to be released titled, “Scripts and Scrolls” Exclusively Produced by him as he continues to aim for what he loves and believes in. “I never dreamed about success, I work for it.” Being grounded in his roots he promotes fun, love, happiness, positivity,, and consciousness in his music.