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Mr. FlipStar


I have always had a love for poetry. This is where everything started. More than a decade ago. Just the art of assembling words together in rhythmic patterns. Eventually, my love for writing and composing pieces developed into songwriting. Heavily influenced by 90s hiphop and 70s-80s soul, my objective has always been to remain true to my identity which is lyrical creativity that provides flashbacks with a touch of modern.

Rap artists such as Notorious BIG, Nas, Jay-Z and 2pac have long been favorites of mine.  The majority of artists today lack the necessary creativity to reproduce that “feeling” that the golden era of rap elicited. So I took it up my hands to revive that aforementioned feeling, where subject matter and lyrical content mattered. New up and coming artists such as J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar have been wonderful influences on me to push through with my music. Now the intent is to mesh impeccable lyrical abilities with social issues as well as situations that the common man/woman can relate and empathize with. Also, fusing the essence of old with today’s modern sound.



Ode To The 90s Trilogy

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