Born January 16, 1991, in Toronto, Canada, Jordan “J-Rich” Richards began rapping for fun mostly in freestyle battles. In 2006 he recorded with a group known as the “Block 13 Kidz” but would later pursue a solo career, recording his first single in his basement using a hand-held microphone plugged into the mic jack of his PC. The end result was J-Rich’s first song entitled “It’s A Block Thing.”

Influenced by Rappers, Tupac and Fabolous, but also Reggae’s legendary Bob Marley, J-Rich’s music is inspiring and never ceases to represent the city of Toronto.

Determined to make it big, the rapper started promoting his music. In 2013 he released a single entitled, “Love & Joy” alongside Reggae icon, Warrior King, and Jam 2 Records. The single aimed to promote positivity and unity and placed in the number one spot on CVM TV’s Hitlist for two consecutive weeks.

Of Jamaican roots, J-Rich enjoys listening to Reggae which in some ways has influenced his own style. Inclined to fuse both Reggae and Dancehall with Hip-Hop, the young artist’s hope is to make a lasting impression on the industry as well as to instill positive changes in the minds of his fans. “Hip-Hop is not dead” he said, “but alive in the North and lyrical content does matter when it comes to music.”

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